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Uncle's BBQ Sauce!

Evolved from an old Louisiana family recipe of the Voorhies family

Like many South Louisiana families, the Voorhies clan is a close-knit group who've raised generations of Cajuns along the bayous and marshes of Southwest Louisiana. The family has always come together for cook outs and barbeques. Amongst the family, several of the men prided themselves on their great-tasting homemade BBQ sauces, and regularly took turns at the pit and smoker to vie for the best dish. Competition for the best-tasting sauce was a regular pastime at these events, until the 1960s, when brothers Paul & Walter Voorhies began experimenting with combining two of the favorite barbeque sauce recipes and testing it at family gatherings - which led us to the recipe we have today. In homage to the Voorhies family members who contributed to perfect the sauce - Uncle's Barbeque Sauce! was born.

The early 1990s

In the early 1990s, Walter Voorhies started barbecuing for various school and civic fund raisers, using Uncle's BBQ Sauce! whenever possible. This started a buzz about the great-tasting BBQ sauce throughout the Acadiana region of Louisiana. That's when the Voorhies family realized that they had hit on a winning BBQ sauce - and began to offer the bottled sauce to the public.

Uncle's BBQ Sauce! is still a family run operation, with a state-of-the-art production facility in New Iberia, Louisiana. Each batch of sauce adheres to the family recipe and we still make the sauce in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.

More About Uncle's BBQ

In addition to operating the Family machine shop business and Uncle's BBQ Sauce, Walter has been involved in his community doing work in Civic activities cooking and raising money. Walter cooked for various school and church BBQ's for 16 years, cooking upward of 10,000 chicken dinners a year, as well as 3,000/4,000 sausage Po-Boys. Walter has retired from school fundraisers since his children graduated. He still stays active cooking in the community but is more involved with high end cooking fundraisers.

Walter and Uncle's cooking team were very active with BBQ competition cooking from 2004 until 2014. The team competed on the "Memphis in May" BBQ circuit. The team has been extremely successful finishing in the top 25% for 8 years. Top honors included a 4th place in Memphis in May World Competition.