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Uncle's BBQ Sauce new iberia la

Uncle's BBQ Sauce!

Uncle's Barbeque Sauce! is made in New Iberia, Louisiana - right in the heart of Cajun Country. Our BBQ Sauce is a Voorhies family recipe made from just the right combination of Habanero peppers, Louisiana Cane Sugar, Fresh Onions, Garlic and Gluten Free. Tastes great on ANYTHING!

Uncle's BBQ Rub new iberia la

Uncle's BBQ Rub

Uncle's BBQ Rub:  A Traditional “Memphis Style” Dry Rub, all natural, low salt, low sugar, no MSG
Uncle's BBQ Rub: A Secret Family Recipe, Straight from Louisiana!

Uncle's Pepper Jelly new iberia la

Uncle's Pepper Jelly

Try our delicious, all natural Habanero Pepper Jelly - made with just the right amount of habanero peppers for the perfect combination of heat and sweet! Pour over cream cheese for a crowd-pleasing party dip, or try using it as a glaze for just about anything off the grill!  Best with grilled pork!

Uncle's Jalapeno Salsa new iberia la

Uncle's Jalapeno Salsa

Uncle's Jalapeno Salsa is perfect with tortilla chips or on any of your favorite Tex-Mex dishes. The salsa has a kick, but it's balanced out with fresh tomatoes, chilis and spices.

Uncle's Habanero Salsa new iberia la

Uncle's Habanero Salsa

Uncle's Habanero Salsa, made with fresh habanero peppers - "the most flavorful of any pepper" has a bit more heat and kick to it. Great for dipping or with hot tamales and sour cream.

Habanero Hot Sauce

Great flavor with a bit of heat. Great for cooking!

Cranberry Sauce (seasonal)

This is a seasonal item but is great with turkey, turkey sandwiches and makes a great salad dressing!

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